This is where LOT2545 began.  The boys’ home offers a space off of the streets for boys to live as they heal and begin to prepare for their futures.  It provides a place where they can be kids again and play, while working towards their goals and dreams. 

The boys joined the home after Amanda met them while they were living on the streets of Kampala.  After building trust and friendship, the boys were asked to join the home.  In addition to all of the boys’ basic needs being met, we focus on 3 major things:  education, healing, and rebuilding family relationships.  While in the home, all of the boys are given the chance at an education.  For some of the boys, this means that they join a traditional school and attend regular primary and secondary schools.  For the boys that were very behind in school, they have an option of vocational training school or apprenticeships.  We know that having an education or training is one of the keys needed for the boys to have bright futures.

We also acknowledge that the boys need help dealing with and recovering from their pasts.  They have suffered a lifetime of abuse and trauma, and need help healing and learning appropriate coping mechanisms.  Therefore, we provide mentoring and counseling through a social worker that comes to the house several times a week.  He meets with the boys on a one on one basis to help them set goals and determine how to reach them, and work through their issues.  He also conducts group sessions to help build community and address topics that will benefit all of the boys. 

As much as we love the boys, we know that we will never replace their biological families.  Many of the boys in the home are not true orphans, but rather left home because it was unsafe.  For the boys that are orphans, they still have some family remaining.  We work with the boys to rebuild those relationships and encourage them to visit their families during the school holidays.  It is our hope that all of the boys will be able to repair their relationships, offering them the chance to return to their villages permanently.

When the boys are ready, we will help them to transition out of the home and into life on their own.