They say we can go 3 weeks without it.  We need it to live.  But how much of our lives are centered around it?  If you think back to all of the important occasions in your life, wasn't food there?  Weddings, birthdays, celebrating promotions and births, even sadder occasions like funerals or hard conversations with family or friends.  

Food is always there.  It can build bridges.  Start adventures.  Find common ground.  

I mean what is more fun than finding a friend to go and try new restaurants with or eat your favorite food with?

We know the power that food has and its importance in our lives.  We need it to survive, but we also need it because some of our best memories probably involved food.  But what about for a boy that has to rummage through the rubbish bin to find scraps or steal to buy food?  Do you think he feels the same?

That's why we started feeding boys living on the streets and those struggling to make ends meet.  We have partnered with a woman in the slums.  She was already cooking food, but now she cooks more.  We buy 15 meals from her each weekday.  Her business has now increased and so has her ability to care for her kids.  But also 15 boys each day know they can have a hot meal at lunch time.  They also know that if they have a problem, they can tell someone about it then.  It is the start of the bridge.

One man was addicted to drugs.  He chose drugs over food.  Not a great choice on his part, but not surprising.  That's what addicts do.  But I believe everyone deserves food.  No one should go hungry.  So when he started asking for meals, I agreed.  That was the beginning.  He started to get clean, both in his appearance and his habits.  He started moving a little faster and a little more steadily.  When he was sick, he was able to tell us and get treatment.  He was seen and heard.  When he did finally leave drugs, he came saying he had a great testimony and he wanted to share it at church.  Our church isn't like that, but we told him come anyway, we would love to have him with us and then he can come home for lunch.

He started coming to church with us and coming home every Sunday.  He would eat lunch, talk with the boys and watch movies, even sometimes fall asleep.  He found a space to just be.  Welcomed.  He accepted Jesus a few months later.  He started working, and the family that ostracized him welcomed him home.

All because of food.

We need your help to keep our lunch program going.  Each lunch is 55 cents.  $11 dollars  will feed one person for a month.  $165 for a whole month.  Can you sign up to give monthly so boys living on the street can eat lunch?  Are you able to give a one-time gift to help with the cost of our lunch program? Click the donate at the top of the screen and sign up.  

Great things begin with food.

amanda jones