Say yes

I came across this quote not too long ago and it struck a chord with me.  "Say yes and you'll figure it out later." Tina Fey

How many times have I said yes with no idea what was next?  I lost count a long time back.  I guess that habit started when I said yes to Uganda when a stranger told me about her connection to Uganda.  Probably, it started way before that.  Nonetheless, it is a habit of mine.  Still not sure if it is a good one or not.  

If you saw the constant state of chaos my yeses cause, you would probably say it is a bad one.  But to the ones I say yes, it is probably considered a good habit:  the boy that is hungry, the one that is sick, the one wanting to leave the streets.  Many times, I have no idea how the yes will play out or how it will actually happen, or where the money will come from, but it always gets figured out.  Everyone always gets fed, everyone gets medicine, there's always enough.  There has never been a single time when it didn't get figured out.

So why am I always so hesitant to say yes?  Fear?  Inconvenience?  Doubt?  Probably all of those reasons and more.  But what I am learning is that God doesn't need our plans, our money, our resources, etc.  He just wants our yes.  With that simple little word, He works his magic and amazing things always unfold and it is always so unbelievable to have a front row seat to how He works it all out.

Most recently, the thing I was hesitant to say yes to was getting involved with a boy that was hit by a car.  It was far more commitment than I thought I could make.  It was far more than I thought I could handle at the moment.  But I gave my yes, and magic happened.  The boy's leg is now healed.  The money was there.  He is happy and safe.  He is going to be going back to his village soon to find his family.  He will be back in school next term.  And most importantly, another boy is off of the streets.

 God doesn't need our plans.  He has His own and they are far better.  He just wants our yes and it will all get figured out later.  

What are you hesitating to say yes to?



amanda jones