Ten Thousand Villages Mishawaka

We have some super exciting news!

We are always looking for places to sell the jewelry and new avenues to display the women's beautiful work.  Selling the jewelry at the Farmer's Market is always great, but once I return to Uganda, that stops.  We have a few amazing volunteers that do holiday bazaars for us closer to Christmas, but other than Just Goods, we had no place selling the jewelry full-time for us.

When I meet people, they often give suggestions of places to go or people to contact.  Several years back, Ten Thousand Villages was thrown out there.  While I looked into it, not only did I not think we had the capacity to supply a national chain, they also rarely ever take applications for new artisan groups.  So over the years, as people made that suggestion, I explained it just wasn't possible.

A few months back, I got the best surprise when I opened my email one morning.  The new store manager had seen our jewelry, in the fall, at an event and wanted to find a way to work together.  What?!?!

Fast forward a few months and a million emails exchanged, this Friday they are launching our jewelry in their store.  We are so honored to be added to a store full of so many beautiful fair trade collections from artisan groups around the world.  They are having a fun launch party this Friday, June 1, from 3-6pm.  Check out this link for more info.   Hope to see you there!

PS.  They are having a giveaway on their Facebook page, so make sure you go and give them a like to enter!

amanda jones