On Mission

I've talked about our Sundays before.  They were always some of my favorite days because many boys would come from the city and go to church with us and then come home and have lunch.  Some days there were around 30 people at home.  

I am so happy to report that the boys have kept up with our routine, even in my absence.  A few Sundays ago, I was chatting with one of the boys and he asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was getting ready to go to church.  He had just left the home and was back in the city.  When I asked him what he had learned at church, he told me that he learned every family had to have a mission and asked me what ours was.  We joked around a bit, but landed on the answer of "love God, love people."  He told me that was the best answer and then asked what our objectives were.  When I asked him for an example, he replied, "Get all of the guys together on Sunday and go to church."

We were once all alone, living life on our own, them struggling to survive.  Now we are a family on a mission.  Only God...

amanda jones