Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and the new year brings you nothing but happiness, peace, and love.

This year for Christmas, we invited our friends from the street to celebrate with us again.  The day started with 2 boys from home taking bread and milk to them in the slum where they stay.  The rest of the boys went to church and one stayed home to help me make lunch.  The boys reached just before noon and busied themselves playing with the dogs.  Two of our dogs are not friendly to strangers at all, but the other 3 were happily chased around.

We always have a small devotion with the boys, and pray, before we eat.  I read from Luke and we talked about why we thought Jesus was born in such a low place.  The best answers:

  • "He's our hero."
  • "All good kings have to go through some problems first."
  • "If he was born in a palace or a place for rich people, the rest of us would only believe he was for rich people, and not for everyone."

After lunch, we headed to the swimming pool for the afternoon.  The boys had so much fun and were so thankful for a fun day.   Thank you to everyone that made it possible.  


amanda jones