Saturday night, we were able to celebrate two lives, Mukasa and Vincent.  Mukasa turned 17 and Vincent turned 18 while I was gone, so we celebrated them together.  Celebrating Vincent was extra special because Friday night on his way home from school he got in an accident and got many injuries.

Birthdays are a great time for the boys to be loved and feel special.  As part of the celebration we pray over the boys and tell them why we love them.  Hearing so many kind words definitely helps to erase many of the negatives that they have heard before.  Plus, giving compliments is a learned behavior that doesn't always come easily to those that have received so many negative words spoken over them.  The smiles on the birthday boy's face as he hears positive words and why he is loved lights up the room.  Sometimes the boys come up with goofy reasons, like they keep their things organized, but frequently they speak of the boy's heart and mention things like his generosity and humor.  

Of course, a birthday party wouldn't be complete without cake.  I am still dreaming of an oven so I can bake our own cakes, but until then, we buy pound cakes and I make the frosting.  We also enjoy fruit and soda, which are both treats for the boys. 


amanda jones