Jewelry Club

We have the great privilege of working with many Ugandan women to make the beautiful jewelry in our Kwagala line.  The jewelry provides the women with a job, and helps us care for the boys that don't have sponsors or for emergencies.

New colors coming in October.

New colors coming in October.


But it isn't a consistent income for the women as we only buy jewelry as it gets sold.  And we want to do more for them.  We want them to be able to count on a consistent income each month.  An income that is sufficient to pay school fees and rent.  An income that will provide enough food and daily necessities.  And an income that will help them to move out of the slum once and for all.


We know that many of you have huge hearts for women.  For seeing their lives renewed and restored.  For seeing them have dignified work and receiving fair wages.  For seeing families together because there is enough to go around.


We created our jewelry club with the hopes of providing a consistent income each month to the women.  Once we have the consistent income, we can start trainings and counseling.  We can help them put together lasting plans for a way out of the slum and a pathway to independence through small businesses.

One of the pieces sent in the previous months.  PC:  Sarah Christine Photography

One of the pieces sent in the previous months.  PC:  Sarah Christine Photography


But we need your help.  We need you to join us.  We need your prayers and we need your commitment.  So we are offering you a great deal.  If you sign up for the jewelry club before the end of the month, and pay for 5 months up front, you will get your 6th month free.  Each month you will receive a beautifully handmade piece of jewelry that tells a story of empowerment and lives changed.  You can keep your subscription for yourself or gift it to a friend or family member. We guarantee you will love what you get each month.


Sign up using the Paypal menu below or mail your checks made payable to LOT2545 to LOT2545, 190 Clover Lane, Medford, OR 97501.  Just make sure you include a note with your check that it is for the jewelry club special.  After the 6th month, we will send you an invoice and the option to continue with your subscription.

Silver($50)=bracelet, headband, earrings


Platinum($150)=2 pieces of the exact same thing so you can keep one and give one

Kwagala 5 months 1 month free



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