Just a quick little story to show you the heart of these boys and that your commitment to us is worth the effort.

When the boys are on the street, they struggle.  They have to look out for themselves because no one else will.  This makes them a bit self-centered, not out of selfishness but out of necessity.  

But slowly they are changing...

On Monday and Saturday nights, we drink porridge and have fruit for dinner.  I'm not always a huge fan of fruit, and the boys know it, so they will frequently ask if they can have mine.  I had watermelon sitting on my desk, and one of the boys came in and asked if I wanted my fruit.  There were 3 pieces.  I said leave me one.  Two were considerably bigger than the third.  He started to take the 2 bigger pieces, but then put one of the big ones back and took the smaller one, leaving me with the bigger piece.

They are learning.  They are changing.  It just takes time.

Thanks for staying on this journey with us.


amanda jones