May Email update

I hope this email finds everyone well.  I am now back in the US, freezing in northwest Indiana, but so happy and thankful to be back.  Thank you to those of you that gave and helped me get back in time before my visa expired.

I have been back a little over a week now and started missing the boys as soon as I stepped inside the airport.  Thankfully, we are able to keep in contact through Facebook and Skype.  They are all finishing up with their exams for the end of the term.  The boys in Primary 7 (Lutaya, Jimmy, Maxwell, and Douglas) and Primary 6 (Yusuf and Medi) will not get a holiday, but will stay at school studying.  The other boys will have about a 2 week break.  Usually the break is closer to one month, but because of elections and the school term starting late, the holiday has been shortened.  Most of the boys will return to their villages for the holiday, but a few will come back home.  We have 2 new boys and it will be their first time going back to their villages.  Please keep Moses and Ivan in your prayers.  We aren't sure what we will find when we get there.

In great news, Patrick is ready to start studying.  It is amazing every time that I look at him.  I know I look at a miracle every time I look at him.  He was so close to death, and you wouldn't even know it now.  He is so full of life and is always laughing and joking.  He loves watching movies and is always quoting them.  He has decided that he wants to go to vocational training school and study to be an electrician.  He is going to start next term.  It will be a one year course, I think, and he will continue to live at the house while he studies.  If you would like to help cover his school fees and requirements, please let me know!  We are excited for him to be ready to go back to school.  We don't anticipate him having any issues in learning, but it could be a challenge.  Please keep him in your prayers as he prepares to begin, especially that he wouldn't have any problems learning or remembering.

We did just get news from a boy we resettled and support with school fees, Tom, that he finished his exams and finished 2nd in his class.  He is in S4, which is a major year in Ugandan schools.  He is preparing for an exam that will determine if he can continue on with his studies.  He is performing so well on his mock exams that we are confident he will pass his test with flying colors at the end of the year.  We are so proud of him and he is the perfect example of what these boys are able to accomplish with love and support.  Please keep him and all of the boys in your prayers as they continue to work hard at their studies and prepare for huge exams.

We also just hired a new social worker for the house.  Our old one left at the beginning of the year because he is getting married and it was difficult for him managing the wedding planning, his full-time job, and us.  Our new guy is named Henry and has a passion for working with youths.  He has a little bit of experience working with kids from the street, but lots of experience with teens.  We are excited to have him join our team.  Will you say a prayer for him as he settles into working with these boys and that they would open up and connect with him?  He will be working 2 days at the house and 1 day going to the schools each week.  We are still looking to hire an additional 1-2 staff for the home.  Will you pray that we are able to find qualified people that would be a good fit?

One of the reasons why I wanted to come back to the US is for fundraising.  I am excited to tell you about new programs that we want to launch in the next email, but we really think it will be life changing for the boys.  It will be an intensive outreach program that the boys graduate from.  It will target the older boys on the street and help them work through and heal from their trauma while learning the necessary life skills to help them be successful.  I will write a more detailed email about it later.  One of the main things that has to happen in order to start the program is funding.  We need to have all of our current boys sponsored and support for the new program.  I would love to come to your small group, Bible study, church, etc. and share about our plans and programs.  Please let me know if you are interested.  I also brought back a ton of beautiful jewelry that the women made and would love for you to host a jewelry party.  Will you be praying with us that we are able to find sponsors for all of the boys, sell all of the jewelry and get funding for the new program?  If you want to get more involved, send me an email.

Thank you for all of your love and support!  You mean the world to me and the boys!

With love,


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for John's hand.  It was broken a while ago and didn't heal properly, and is starting to cause him problems.  We are unsure of where to take him to find a specialist.  Please pray the finger heals and doesn't cause him any more problems and we find a doctor to take him to.
  • Please also pray for David as he is having some health issues also.
  • Please pray for the boy that had the mental health issues.  It became unsafe having him at home, so we took him to the mental health hospital.  After a few days there he ran away.  His family tried to take him back after that, but he ran away from them too.  Please pray that he can find healing and be ready to accept help.  Please also pray that he would be able to break his drug addiction.
  • Please pray for the boys at home to continue focusing on their education and settle into school.
  • Please pray for the boys on the street.  Life is becoming increasingly more violent for them and unsafe.  Please pray that they would be safe, the violence would end, and that they would all find a way off of the streets.
  • Please pray for my time in the US to be restful and productive, and to make many new contacts.

Easy ways to help:

  • Sponsor a boy.  $50 a month will cover everything they need from school fees and requirements to medical care.  Boys still needing sponsors are on the website.
  • Buy coffee.  Just Love Coffee donates for each bag sold from our page.
  • Set Welzoo to your homepage.  Each day you go online, they donate to us.
  • Host a jewelry party.  Invite your friends over for a fun night of shopping from all of the wonderful handmade jewelry and learning more about LOT2545.  Email me if you're interested.
  • Arrange an open house or invite me to speak at your group.
  • Choose LOT2545 as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile.
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