On Giving Tuesday, we had a huge goal.  We wanted to get 14 boys off the street and started in a new life.  We came to you with our dreams for them, and many of you answered.  As a result, this month we have been able to get 8 boys started working.   Meet the ever so precious lives that you have helped to change.

We just celebrated Karim's 18th birthday at the house.  He is training to be a boxer and dreams of making the Ugandan National team.  He is good enough that it could really happen.  However, he had no way to take care of himself and asked me if I could help him get started making sandals.  This guy pretends to be so tough, but deep down he has the kindest heart. (Shh...Don't tell him I told you!)  When Karim got the chance to do something, he couldn't leave his friend behind.  He asked his friend Michael to help him so Michael would have something to do.  


I call Kasim part of the triplets.  He is always with Kansiime and Akim.  They always know where each one is and you just have to find one to find them all. I invited him to church several weeks back and he has faithfully been coming ever since.  We helped him to rent a place to live, but he still couldn't find work.  Jobs are scarce in Uganda, especially for people that haven't studied and have no skills, like the young men we are assisting.  He came up with a plan to move around to different markets and sell shoes.  He was so excited to start working and complete his shopping.

Saka is a proud father of 3 adorable kids.  He is so dotting on them and always showing them off. He has worked hard to provide for them for as long as I can remember.  However, a few months back he lost his business.  He had been selling clothes at different markets.  Without the capital to start again, he struggled with odd jobs here and there.  It wasn't enough to make ends meet and he asked for help.  He was so excited to be able to start working again.  It gives him great joy to take care of his family and he takes great pride in his kids.  Many kids end up on the street because of issues surrounding poverty.  That won't be the case with this family.  Thank you for giving and keeping them together.

Abdul's brother is on the street also.  Being the big brother, he tried to look after him also, but he struggled.  He didn't have anywhere to live or any way to find a job.  From the campaign, we were able to rent him a room, outside of the slum, and get him started selling shoes.  When I told him that he would be going shopping, he was so excited.  It took around a month to get him started after he asked, and he thought I had forgotten about him.  Because of you, he felt known and loved and remembered.

                                                                    These two, part of the triplets, Akim and Kansiime.  Kansiime was one of the very first boys that I met when I got to Uganda.  I have known Akim for almost as equally long.  Every Sunday, they are at the house bright and early ready to go to church.  They call at random times during the day just to say "hi" and "I love you".  They have struggled to grow up and mature, but one day there was a night and day difference and it all started clicking.  They left all of their bad choices and moved out of the slum, started being responsible and helpful.  They decided that they wanted to work together selling clothes.  This week they bought shoes, shirts, and sweatshirts and will be moving around to different markets selling them.  They are the perfect example of why we fight so hard for these boys.  They are all capable of great things.  Thank you for believing in them too.

Arafa rented a space this week to start a video library.  It is a small business that sells movies, burns music, charges phones, and sells small gadgets like USBs and flash drives. The place needs a bit of sprucing up, so he probably won't start actually working until Christmas.  He had the cutest baby girl about a month ago, and now he finally has a way to care for her.  


Thank you so much for showing up for these boys.  If you want to help the other 7 get started, you can give HERE.

amanda jones