I have always wanted my home to be a safe space, where people feel welcome, regardless of what is going on in their lives.  I feel happiest when the house is full of people.  When they come hungry and leave satisfied.  There are always extra people around the house.  I love, love, love when people come to visit and give updates on their lives.

Yesterday, Sunday, did not disappoint.  I'm telling you.  I wish you could visit us on a Sunday.  Your heart would overflow with joy, just like mine does every week.  You would see Jesus working, changing lives.  Laughter would take away all of the stress and the pain of the week.

We were running late for church because we were waiting on some boys to arrive.  I came downstairs and was telling everyone let's go because we are late.  Sometimes corralling cats would be easier than getting all of us out of the house on time.  Anyway, I walked out of the house and there standing before me was a boy that I hadn't seen since I had been back.  We had talked on the phone, but not in person.  He made the choice to leave the slums forever, so I hadn't seen him.

It was the best surprise.  He had heard that boys were coming to church these days with me and he decided to come also.  I knew he was changing, but to see the change first hand.  Mind blown. Heart exploding.  I don't know the specifics of his story, but I can imagine.  His nickname alludes to how tough and notorious he was.  

But now, he is a boy that is working.  He sells shirts and shoes, because someone believed in him enough to give when we asked.  He has reunited with his mom and helps her at home.  He praises Jesus and goes to church.  He has become who I knew he could be all along, who I knew God created him to be.

I am so thankful these days that even if everything falls apart in the week, God has given us one perfect day where it is so obvious that our little life is wonderful, that we are where He wants us, our efforts are not in vain, and where our hearts and disappointments are healed and restored.  

These boys are becoming new creations and I am so thankful to those of you that pray for it every day.  God is hearing and answering in miraculous ways.  I am sure that no one could believe that that boy would become who he is now.  And I am so thankful to those of you that believe in my vision and hope for these boys that you give to make it possible.  

PS.  We also celebrated another boy's birthday yesterday.  He came and went to church with us for the first time.  We told him why we loved him and had cake.  Everyone left satisfied.

amanda jones