Women's Prayer Requests

I am back to meeting the women on a regular basis.  We meet every Monday at 3pm.  We pray together, share about our weeks, and do a Bible study.   Yesterday we talked about the negative recordings that happen in our minds and how they are lies used by the devil to keep us in our sin and shame.  We learned 3 truths about who God says we are to help us drown out the lies.  We will spend the next few weeks learning more truths.  The women were really excited about the study and one mentioned that she was struggling with it as some people were being unkind with their words lately.  

The women have asked again to give their prayer requests and if you would take a moment to lift them up.  

Rose asks that you pray for her for:

  • she has acquired many debts since she lost her job sweeping streets.  Please pray that she finds a new job and is able to pay her debts off.
  • Her daughter, Doreen, and her nephew, Charles, are both sitting for their S4 exams this week.  Please pray that they pass well.
  • Her mom is still really sick and they are struggling to care for her.  It is a full time job as she can't be left alone which also makes it difficult to work.  Please pray that her health improves.
  • She is still hoping to buy land outside of the slum. Pray that she is able to save enough to buy a plot and start building a house.
  • her son found a job but it is not going well.  Pray for patience and perseverance for him and for conditions to improve.
  • for the the women to learn well new styles of things so they can increase their market
  • her son, Dan, has just started a course this term.  Please pray that he is able to focus and perform well and finish the course and receive his diploma. 
  • and for protection and health for all of her family.  

Grace asks that you be in prayer for:

  • she has also acquired many debts as business has slowed down.  please be in prayer that her business would pick back up and she would be able to pay them.
  • school fees for this term are now due.  please be in prayer that she would be able to pay them.
  • she has been able to move out of the slum and into the home she was building, but it still needs some finishing touches.  please pray that she would be able to finish it quickly and well.
  • she has a lot of fear and anxiety lately.  please pray for peace and comfort for her.
  • for her kids to perform well in school and have knowledge.
  • her grandma is sick with high blood pressure and ulcers.  please pray for healing for her.
  • for the group of women to continue to work well together and for unity.
  • for the market in uganda that they are preparing to sell at to be successful.

Joy was sick and unable to make it yesterday, but the women asked that you be in prayer for her for:

  • her son has returned home again and is working.  Her son is prone to running away quite frequently because of the conditions at home.  They ask that you pray for the son to be able to stay and manage the situation and help care for the mom.   Please pray for their relationship to grow, strengthen and improve.
  • she had another motorcycle accident back in May and still hasn't completely recovered.  Please pray for healing for her and improved health.

Gertrude wasn't able to make it to group yesterday, but the women ask that you be in prayer for her for:

  • She hasn't been feeling well lately.  Pray for healing and improved health.
  • She was able to buy a plot of land and start building her house.  When the money ran out, she left the house half built.  When she went back recently to check on it, she found that someone had sold her land and house without her permission and someone had started finishing her house.  Please pray for wisdom for her and help in figuring out the situation and how to regain ownership of her property.
  • She has also acquired many debts from these issues.  Please pray that she is able to pay them.

Beatrice asks that you be in prayer for her for:

  • She has been able to buy a plot of land and start building her house outside of the slum, but she has still not finished it.  Please pray that she is able to finish it and move out of the slum soon.
  • that she will be able to pay school fees on time for her kids.
  • she lost her job sweeping streets and hasn't found a new job yet.  Pray that she is able to find a new job and in the meantime, for her business to improve.
  • her mom is still sick and having lots of health issues.  Please pray for healing and improved health.
  • There are conflicts in her marriage and they are not getting along or cooperating well.  Please pray for her marriage and for them to solve their issues in a good way.
  • For the jewelry market that they are preparing to attend in Uganda.  That it would be fruitful and good way for them to market their jewelry here.

Jolly asks that you be in prayer for her for:  

  • Her back is really hurting her and she has malaria.  Please be in prayer for healing.
  • Her son, Eddy, is really giving her so many problems.  He is very smart, but is refusing to go to school.  He is going away from the home without permission and going to places he shouldn't be and disobeying and not listening.  Please pray for him to settle and return to school and for wisdom and patience for her so she can handle and help him.
  • for her job to continue to go well and for her to be able to be able to pay all of her debts.

Thank you for praying for the women.  If you are interested in helping them in a specific way, consider joining our jewelry club. Right now we are running a buy 5 months get 1 month free special.  Visit here to learn more.  

Another way to help the women is to host a jewelry party.  We have a 18 gallon tub full of jewelry on its way back to the US in November and need help selling it.  Why not invite your friends over for a fun evening of hanging out while letting them shop our new designs.  If you are interested, send me an email and we will get you set up.

Thank you for all you do for us!

With love, 


amanda jones