We love helping the boys that still live on the street, and frequently go to the slums to visit them.  One of the major issues that they face is a lack of medical care.  While on the street, the boys get many minor wounds from wandering the streets barefoot or looking through trash piles for plastic and scrap metal to sell.  Without basic wound care, their injuries become infected and grow.  Therefore, we have partnered with a clinic in the slums that allows the boys to come for treatment whenever they need.

Since the boys sleep outside, without mosquito nets, malaria is a serious problem.  It makes the boys have incredible body aches, a terrible headache and high fever.  They need to be taken to the clinic right away and given the proper medication to get rid of the malaria.  The longer a boy must wait for treatment, the worse the infection becomes.  If left untreated, it can lead to death.  Typhoid also affects the boys due to not having access to clean drinking water.  With access to the clinic, the boys no longer need to suffer for days before receiving treatment.  

Donating to the medical fund will ensure that we are able to continue providing medical attention to the boys on the street.  Only $10 will provide a test and medicine needed to treat one boy for malaria or typhoid.  $25 will provide enough bandages and antibiotic cream for wounds for a week. 

If you don't use PayPal, but would like to contribute to the medical fund, mail checks payable to LOT2545 to the address below. Just make sure on the memo line you write Medical Fund!

LOT2545 190 Clover Lane Medford, OR 97501