One of our favorite times of the week is Monday afternoons.  Why?  Because we get to meet with 10 ladies that live in a slum in downtown Kampala.  We get together to pray, encourage each other, share from the Bible, laugh, play games, and catch up on our lives.  Sometimes, we even exercise! 

When we met the women, they were already formed in a group and knew how to make beautiful jewelry, but didn’t have an outlet for it.  As a way to support them financially, we started buying their jewelry, as we were able.   In Luganda, the local language, Kwagala means love.  When you purchase a piece of their handmade jewelry, the women feel loved and supported.  It helps them to provide for their children that they love so much.  It empowers them to dream for their futures and give their children opportunities that weren’t availed to them.  All things point to love when you shop our jewelry line.  And love never fails.

Visit our Store to see the gorgeous pieces that the women have made and shop away knowing your purchase is making a difference. You canals purchase our jewelry from Tootie and Tallulah's in Berkley, MI, or Just Goods in South Bend, IN.