Our heart breaks for the oldest boys living on the street.  They have had to raise themselves and struggle each day, for years, to survive.  They have watched younger boys always get chosen for homes or school, while they just get older and older.  They have seen their friends die or be taken to prison, for no other reason than they live on the streets.

We are dedicated to seeing these boys’ lives restored.  We want to give them hope for a life off of the streets and provide a way for them to support themselves without having to fight to survive.  Our Internship/Independent Living program gets the oldest boys, off the streets and into their own apartment.  It provides them with an opportunity for training through apprenticeships in their desired field.  As they learn at their jobs, they will also be learning necessary budgeting and saving skills at home.  They will receive counseling and other life skills also.  While we will start out supporting them completely, as time goes on and they begin to earn a fair wage for their works, they will begin to add to their support until they are completely independent.

Want to support a boy with apprenticeship fees?  Provide the whole amount at only $400 or contribute a part.  Want to help pay rent?  Only $50 a month will provide a safe place to live.   You could also choose to help feed a boy for a month.  $30 will provide a boy with three nutritious meals a day.